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Breaking bad: 10 Days and 10 ways to break your bad habits

Bad Habits are often affiliated with the cliches that society looks on such as drinking, smoking, lying, overeating, etc. But habits stretch far beyond that box. Any constant behavior that is hard to give up, usually detrimental to our wellbeing (physical, mental, spiritual) and/or relationships is a bad habit. If we reflect over our daily routines and our lifestyles, we will find that a plethora of our habits are BAD. Breaking Bad is not a book that guarantees that your habits will disappear within a certain amount of time. But rather a practical guide that will offer progressive insight and exercises that will bring in depth enlightenment to your habit(s), offering active solutions that will lead to a healthier lifestyle if executed consistently.

Breaking Bad - Book trailer 

The official trailer for Breaking Bad: 10 Days and 10 Ways to Break Your Bad Habits. Grab an accountability partner and take the challenge to break your bad habits over and over again!!